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Freedom of choice! – Tenants only pay for the services they choose to use.


  • Services are billed monthly for convenience
  • Anticipated turnaround time is 24 hours
  • Additional charges may apply for same day service


Service Price
Typing Services  

Standard Typing

$3 minimum per page


$.25 to $.35 / envelope


$.25 / label
Copy Services  

Self Service

Black & White – $.10/copy
Color – $.45/copy

Staff Copy Service

Black & White – $.12/copy
Color – $.47/copy
Quantity discounts available
Fax Services – Receive or Send $1 per page
Dedicated Fax Line $35 per month
Scanning $1 per page
Mailing Services Postage + 15% handling fee
Special Projects

  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Data Input
  • Newsletters
$7/15 min.
Long Distance

Voice Messages Sent Directly To Email

$.08 per minute

$10.00 per month


These are the most common services requested and utilized by our tenants. If you have unique business needs not mentioned, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances – we are here to help.